Our mission at DYNETEQ is to redefine the realms of safety and efficiency by forging the future with groundbreaking networking solutions and superior cybersecurity technologies. As part of this mission, we've integrated advanced unmanned systems into our core offerings, leading the charge towards a more secure, robust, and interconnected world. Our commitment is to anticipate and counter emerging digital threats, empowering organizations to navigate the rapidly-evolving tech landscape with confidence. We encapsulate the pivotal role of security in the digital economy and through our efforts, we're not just delivering innovative technologies; we're shaping a more secure, efficient, and interconnected future.


~ paqetz ~

An advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) underpinned by the robust capabilities of Bro/Zeek. It features a comprehensive dashboard providing real-time analytics and insights, instant notifications alerting system anomalies, and extensive customization options to tailor the system to specific security needs. This robust solution is designed to enhance network security while allowing for full visibility and control over your digital environment

reconYa AI

A powerful suite of network scanning, monitoring, and enumeration tools. Engineered for high-speed operations and unparalleled accuracy, it enables precise network diagnostics and surveillance. This leading-edge solution is designed to ensure the highest level of network performance and security, providing a comprehensive understanding of your network landscape and activity in real-time.

Breach :: Harbor

A cutting-edge cybersecurity platform, designed to stand as a sentinel in the rapidly shifting landscape of cyber threats. Leveraging real-time data harvested from attempted bot attacks, BreachHarbor delivers invaluable, data-driven insights via a user-friendly dashboard. This crucial service equips you with a deep understanding of emerging threats, enabling you to enhance your defenses preemptively. Stay ahead of cyber attackers, reinforce your network's resilience, and protect your priceless digital resources. BreachHarbor is more than just a platform; it's your trusted ally in achieving comprehensive cyber protection.